Beau’s is a proud environmental steward and leader in sustainable craft brewing. We have put  thought and effort into making our event sustainable in our community and for the environment. In addition to recycling and composting stations, Beau’s has partnered with businesses that help us build on the same values we started the brewery with: essentially, the belief that beer tastes better when you can feel good about drinking it.


Beau's St. Patrick's Party will be greening its power with renewable electricity with Bullfrog Power. What does this mean? Bullfrog Power’s generators put clean, pollution-free electricity onto the grid to match the amount of conventional electricity this event uses. By supporting renewable energy, we are reducing the event’s environmental impact, and helping to create a cleaner, healthier environment.  For more information on Bullfrog’s green energy, visit


Beau's uses non-plastic compostable cold beverage cups and food service dishes sourced from our long-term green supply partner, Greenshift. These cups and dishes are made from plants, not petroleum, and are sent off for commercial composting when our festival wraps up. Oh Yeah!