Carotté is a surprising blend of traditional Quebec music with the uncompromised roots of punk rock. 

Carroté has grown as a true “must” in the Portneuf region, thanks to the initiative of local “agro-punk” Médé Langlois. Worthy heir of a long line of farmers going as far back as 1667, Médé cultivates his power chords like he does his land: with absolute passion. Event though he’s grown-up mostly under the influence of the punk-rock scene, his love for traditional music is something he never truly grew out of.

And this unexpected mix is what got him to unite two partners from his most agitated punk years, to three traditional musicians.  Together, these guys gather over 20 years of experience on the Quebec scene and all the way to Europe.

After having plowed and sown several original tunes, Carotté are finally reaping the fruits of their hard labour by releasing in 2015 their first album “Punklore et Trashdition”. Directed by Vincent Peake (Groovy Aardvark, Grimskunk) and sound-mastered by Pierre Rémillard  (Vulgraires Machins, Voivoid), the band has defined its own style as “punk-trad”. Carotté is therefore proposing a suprising recipe based on compositions and traditional Quebec-classics, topped with a punk-rock sauce.